The wide range of microencapsulation technologies

The wide range of microencapsulation technologies mastered by the Capsulæ team allows a great flexibility regarding the solution proposed to our clients, from both a technical and economic point of view.

This pluri-technological expertise allows the development of a custom-designed process  which takes into account the initial characteristics of the active principle to be encapsulated, the specifications of the desired product, the final application as well as the targeted market.

Our know-how and skills cover more specifically the following technologies:

Dripping technologies

Dripping technologies allowing the production of “monodispersed” microcapsules with different final structures (matrix systems vs reservoir or “core-shell” systems).

dripping microencapsulation

Emulsion-based technologies

Emulsion-based technologies, leading to the formation of microcapsules by coacervation, cross-linkage, polymerisation, gelation, solidification, or solvent evaporation.

emulsion microencapsulation

Coating technologies

Coating technologies, in fluidized bed essentially, using aqueous polymer solutions (spray-coating) or hot-melt materials (hot-melt coating).

coating microencapsulation

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