Value Proposition

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Within INNOV’IA, CAPSULAE proactively contributes to the conception and development of innovative products.

Capsulae R&I CENTER

Research Center

With more than 30 years of experience, CAPSULAE has developed unique know-how and expertise in the field of ingredient formulation.

CAPSULAE relies on high-level scientific and technical skills (highly qualified team of more than 35 researchers including PhDs, engineers and technicians) to optimally meet the various requirements of the industrial world.

CAPSULAE remains permanently informed of the latest advances and innovations in the fields of formulation and encapsulation. Through numerous collaborative projects and strategic partnerships, CAPSULAE plays an active role in several networks of institutional, industrial and academic players, both nationally and internationally.


CAPSULAE is committed to its industrial partners in the fields of human food and nutrition, animal food and health, crop protection and biocontrol, cosmetics, and care & hygiene products, to meet their major challenges of today and tomorrow:

  • Develop new applications
  • Make new markets emerge
  • Respond to major environmental challenges
  • Meet new regulatory constraints
  • Meet CSR objectives
Capsulae commitment