CAPSULAE offers a full range of services for developing innovative galenic formulations: exploratory research and feasibility study, design of innovative solutions and formulation problem solving, scaling-up studies and pilot-scale evaluation, micro-production and support at the industrialization stage.


Contract Research

Research and Innovation have always been at the heart of our DNA. Following first discussions in complete confidentiality, an in-depth analysis of the customer problem is carried out in order to establish a detailed project specification, meeting the technical and economic constraints of the project.

The Contract Research service is offered when the resolution of the customer problem requires the design of new methods, the evaluation of alternative technological pathways, and the need to conduct exploratory work prior to the production of the first laboratory batches.

The service proposed consists of 3 successive stages:

  1. a feasibility study and proof of concept (evaluation of different technical approaches, testing of several formulations and production of samples at lab scale, i.e. 10’s-100’s g, analysis and characterization of the samples produced, conclusions and recommendations);
  2. the optimization and validation of the process developed (adjustment of key operating parameters, production of demonstration batches on a small pilot scale, scaling-up study, as a preamble to the industrialization and production steps);
  3. its transfer to a semi-industrial or industrial scale (assistance / support for scaling-up, internalized or externalized production).
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Development of mockups and prototypes, Micro-production, Support for industrialization

The development of mockups and prototypes is proposed when the resolution of the customer problem is possible through the adaptation of an existing solution, already proven, identified in our wide technological portfolio. This service offers the assurance of quickly having access to an optimal and reliable solution, perfectly fulfilling the technical requirements of the project specification, and immediately ready for large-scale and profitable production.

The service proposed is divided into 3 successive stages:

  1. a short adaptation study (transposition of the existing solution to the compound of interest: adjustment of the key operating parameters according to the characteristics of the compound to be formulated and the final application targeted, production of prototypes on a small scale, i.e., 1-2 kg);
  2. the validation of the process on a pilot scale (i.e., 15-20 kg);
  3. its transfer to a semi-industrial or industrial scale.
Development of mockups and prototypes


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