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INODRY AND INNOV’IA provide their services for an irreproachable food quality and safety thanks to its several years of experience in the baby nutrition and its specialized workshops, with adapted and safe zoning and quality plans. Besides its expertises in formulation and technology to develop new products and in manufacturing, a solid know-how in risk analysis by raw materials screening according to a specific monitoring plan and large finished product sampling plan with numerous microbiological and environmental checks guarantees providing the best products for a very fragile consumer population that are babies. INNOVIA implements ethical production with in-house trained (INNOV’IA Academy) and socially responsible employers.

Specific formulation engineering and technology processes such as fluid bed drying allow the preservation and stabilisation of sensitive ingredients in powder form with very low moisture content and water activity (Aw 0,3; H% below 1,5) to optimize conservation and prevent any microbiological risk.

Various ingredients and semi-finished products are formulated and manufactured in INODRY and INNOV’IA PLANTS such as:

  • Ingredients for immune health from birth
  • Foods for special medical purposes for intolerances, for rehydration
  • Prebiotics for the implementation of intestinal bacteria flora
  • Thickening agents to help feeding and nutrition
  • Food supplements