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CAPSULAE is the result of a merger between several R&D teams with cutting-edge skills in a wide spectrum of technologies. The combination of these skills allows the development of innovative, efficient and differentiating galenic formulations, able to meet the needs and expectations of INNOV’IA’s customers and partners.

R&I Technologies Technological platforms

Technological platforms

The know-how and skills of CAPSULAE cover the following technologies:

  • Emulsification (emulsion, double emulsion, nano-emulsion, microencapsulation)
  • Spray-drying (drying, co-drying, micro-granulation, continuous agglomeration, microencapsulation)
  • Fluid Bed Drying (drying, overdrying, pre-agglomeration, granulation, impregnation)
  • Spray-cooling/Prilling (microencapsulation)
  • Fluid Bed Coating (microencapsulation)
  • Dripping (encapsulation)
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Proprietary solutions

Thanks to a performing and dynamic internal research, CAPSULAE possesses a patent portfolio and turnkey solutions available to its customers according to their project specifications and expectations.

The “Proof of concept” or “Feasibility study” stages are already carried out, allowing the technical and financial risk to be significantly reduced (i.e., innovation process secured).

This means a quick access to technologies that are fully developed, adapted to the requirements of the market, and ready to use and be integrated into a reliable industrial development process.


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