INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries are present on technical markets and meet specific needs: Crop protection and biocontrol and other technical products.  Specialty products market is changing due to the arrival of strong regulatory constraints, requiring the use of environment friendly solutions.

CAPSULAE has developed processes using biodegradable materials, and limiting the use of toxic organic solvents. These processes have applications in many sectors:

Crop protection and biocontrol:

The formulation of active ingredients in the field of crop protection makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the material, to reduce dosage, to facilitate the use and application of the product.

The formulation technologies implemented are applied for the following compounds:

  • Insecticides and fungicides
  • Herbicides and fertilizers
  • Repellents and larvicides
  • Treatment of air, water, soil
  • Bionutrition, biostimulation and biocontrol products
  • Other technical products

Whether it is to facilitate the implementation of a chemical active ingredient, improve its efficiency, or even allow its combination with an incompatible compound, the formulation technologies of INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries make it possible to meet the challenges of many markets:

  • Cleaning products and detergents
  • Construction materials
  • Self-healing and phase-change materials
  • Automotive
  • Paints and surface treatments
  • etc