SAFETY DAY : human safety, process safety, product safety,  food safety.

The industrial vision of INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries is based on a concept of  TOTAL SAFETY  around the axes: human safety, process safety, product safety such as more specifically on food safety.

Alain Grizeau, CEO, reminds that for several years, the teams of INNOV’IA and its subsidiaries have been working together for a STRONG SAFETY CULTURE in order to foster  the sustainability of their development, safety being a major priority.

We are emerging from a difficult COVID period from in all points of view, personal and collective

The Safety Day also allowed us to renew the link of exchanges, the pleasure of meeting in teams.

The factory traffic flows, the workstations clean up, the planning in the factory in order to avoid changes in pace or installation which can be demotivating, the robust training programs, the reinforced regulatory survey for a better knowledge and compliance with regulatory requirements and customers needs are all subjects on which participants exchanged good practices and ideas for improvement. They concluded : to renew every year.

Take care stay safe !

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