Innomix for continuous instant mix

Innomix is a specific technology for handling very sensitive and highly valued active ingredients by avoiding its denaturation and keeping its structure, activity and benefits intact.

The powder is incorporated in the liquid in a continuous way and at controlled flow rates in order to obtain a solution or suspension in a very short contact time.

This reduced contact time thus avoids any interaction of the active ingredient with the surrounding elements whether it is other ingredients or the matrix, and gives high recoveries for probiotics or enzymes.

The final product is as performant as it was before the transformation.

INNOLIGHT to lighten ingredients through an adaptive technology

INNOLIGHT is an adjustable technology to produce low density lightened ingredients such as sweeteners.

For sweeteners, one spoon of the final product has the same sweetening power than a spoon of regular sugar bringing less calories but the same pleasure.

INNOLIGHT provides low density sweeteners (70-80g / L) with excellent flow characteristics and dissolving properties easy-to-use in various premixes and liquid preparations.